Why Partner with National Claimant Services?

With the abundance of unclaimed assets currently held by state governments, consumers have a variety of options for recovering unclaimed assets. In many cases these institutions make tremendous efforts to reunite owners with their assets through various outreach initiatives and make it possible to recover these assets on your own. However, our clients choose to work with National Claimant Services’ because of our white glove service that guides you step-by-step through the account recovery process and ensures a streamlined and pleasant experience.

  • Simplicity

    Our goal at National Claimant Services is to reconnect our clients with their unclaimed assets through a recovery process that is simple and straightforward.

  • Efficiency

    We streamline the asset recovery process so you can recover your assets in a timely manner. We understand how valuable your time is and when you partner with our experts, you can ensure you are not wasting any time searching for unnecessary documents or researching the recovery requirements. Our experts have already done that for you.

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    The National Claimant Services team is comprised of trust and estate law attorneys and genealogical experts and researchers who have developed proven processes for the successful recovery of your assets. We understand the court systems in each state and will provide you with all details associated with your case.

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    National Claimant Services handles all ongoing communications with state and government agencies. Any and all administrative and legal matters including document replacements, registration transfers, legal fees, court costs, fiduciary bonds, will be paid for by National Claimant Services.

Rest assured that we are not paid until your claim is successfully completed – and you will never be asked to pay any up-front fees. We can help you confirm your entitlement and begin the recovery process over the phone. Please call our toll free number – (866) 794-1839 – and use the extension provided in the cover letter you received from us to speak with the Account Executive assigned to your account.

Your account executive will guide you through the following steps to complete the recovery of your asset:

  1. Understand how you are entitled– by providing detailed information about the account, as well as research we’ve collected which indicates and proves your entitlement.
  2. Document your entitlement – by obtaining necessary documentation such as court proceedings and vital records.
  3. Facilitate your claim  by submitting the required documentation to the appropriate institution for processing and continuing to maintain contact with you until your recovery is complete.

All recoveries will require some basic documents such as a driver‘s license or passport to confirm your identity, as well as proof of address. If you are an heir to an asset, the documents required may be different. Your National Claimant Services representative will let you know exactly what we need to reclaim your assets. Any documentation and information provided will be confidential and safeguarded.

If you have been contacted by National Claimant Services and are ready to take the next step in the asset recovery process, please call (866) 794-1839 or fill out this online form and someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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