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National Claimant Services is America’s largest and most skilled team of asset recovery experts.

How could your family benefit from an unexpected windfall?

Whether your claim is large or small, everyone in your family can benefit from National Claimant Services.

Relax - let National Claimant Services handle all the details.

Recovery is complex and time consuming. Let us be your advocate through the asset recovery process.

Over $55 Billion in unclaimed assets exists today.

How much of it is yours?


National Claimant Services are America‘s Asset Recovery Experts. We have been reuniting Americans with unclaimed assets for more than 60 years.

State treasuries, municipal governments, and other government agencies are currently holding more than $55 Billion in unclaimed assets. These assets are typically bank accounts, insurance proceeds, brokerage accounts, shares of stock, or various other assets which have been forgotten or were left inactive. Our goal at National Claimant Services is to reconnect Americans with their unclaimed assets through a recovery process that is simple and straightforward.

If you’ve received a letter from us, then very first step is to speak with your account representative at 866-794-1839.


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